Enhanced Performance.Purpose built kayaks to turn on a dime with the rudder in upright position. Superior controll and tracking in all weather with rudder deployed.

Reduced Upwind Wetted Surface Area
    . Lightweight composite fiberglass construction 
  • When Paddling upwind you Exert Less force to Drive the Kayak Forward through the Waves , not up and over.
Increased Wetted Surface Area “Downwind”
  • Allows the Kayak to Hold more of the Wave increasing the water line, Hull Speed and Stability
  • Raised stern, keeps the boat behind you and prevents rounding up into the wave.


Increased Maneuverability

  • The raised and tapered stern at the stern of the kayak hull enables a much sharper turning ability when rudder forces are applied. The raised stern sweeps the surface of the water as apposed to the pushing that occurs with boats that have less rocker and longer water lines. Paddling close to the shore requires more turning and this boat allows you to get in close and tight.When running with the waves the extended stern section helps keep the back of the boat behind you and in control. Its all about the control.

  • The forward cockpit location provides better vision and increse mechanical advantage when rudder forces are applied. Not only will you see up coming obstructions but  you will have a clear view of incoming wave sets.  

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